Escape Rooms Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these escape room tips & tricks can be useful to you and your team! We asked our game masters and other experienced escapers what are some tips they would share with others, and we compiled this top 10.

TIP #1

If you need to go through multiple rooms, do not close the doors, you may need to go back!

TIP #2

Check every inch of the room. Check every pocket and open every drawer, you never know what you may find.

TIP #3

If you haven’t made any progress and you tried your best, ask for a hint. Remember, the goal is to escape before the time runs out!

TIP #4

Choose your teammates wisely! Your success depends on teamwork.

TIP #5

Keep stuff organized and keys in their locks. That way you will know what you have and what you’ve used.

TIP #6

Work together, if you can’t figure something out let someone else take a look, they may come up with an idea.

TIP #7

Arrive 20 before your game. Your 60 minutes are precious, and you don’t want them wasted on getting ready.

TIP #8

Say out loud what you see or find, it will help you and your team come up with solutions together.

TIP #9

Listen carefully to the instructions and game’s story, they may have a hint hidden in them.

TIP #10

Do not force things open. Be gentle, puzzles and clues will easily open once they are ready to.

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