i-Exit Downtown Vancouver

Our Story

Thomas Strem, an avid escape room player, first became fascinated with Escape Rooms in 2011 in his hometown Budapest, Hungary. In the two years to follow, he played over a hundred of different escape rooms across Europe and North America.

In 2013, he and his sister Susanna, decided to open their first escape room facility in Vancouver, BC. They decided to follow the European-style escape games with a unique, in-house game design, high-quality custom-made props, and advanced technology. They made it non-scary and language independent.

Construction began in February 2015 and finished in June, with Pirates on the Rocks as the first game being introduced. Shortly after, Music at the Studio was opened, then Doomed to Win in Vegas, and lastly, The Matrix.

Our Facility

Now we have 4 themes, 10 rooms total, varying in difficulty from beginner to expert, for you to discover and enjoy!

Each theme can have 2-6 players, for a total capacity of 24 players (limit can be pushed to 30, contact us!)

None of our themes is scary or requires any excessive physical force. They are designed to be fun, creative, and brain teasing.

What Are Escape Rooms?

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