ClueCity Outdoor Adventure Games

We combine GPS and AR technology to bring you location-based challenges around the Downtown Vancouver area. You and your team will be sent on a mission to crack one of Vancouver’s biggest mysteries. Whether it’s to disable a deadly virus or collect crystals to seal a portal, your mission is critical to the safety of the city! It’s an experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, and transforms the city into an exciting playground! Every group receives an iPad and an assortment of gadgets to help successfully save the city.

Adventure Games

Perfect For


Perfect for friends who want to spend some quality time outdoors. Work together to solve the riddles and challenges, and ultimately, SAVE THE CITY. Think you got what it takes?


Spend time outdoors finding clues and solving puzzles. The Operation Mindfall game is more adult oriented (14+), but the Magic Portal game is excellent for kids (10+) and adults alike. We do require adult supervision for anyone under 16.


Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette, or just the weekend, our adventure games are just the right fit. Create a lasting experience in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, close to restaurants, pubs, and transportation.

Team Activities

Come and play in the most intriguing playground the city has to offer. Challenge your team to a variety of riddles and puzzles. The uniqueness of the challenges and the competitiveness will strengthen the team’s bond and will boost morale. The teams will also be scored based on hints usage and puzzles solved.






Large Groups

12+ players: $20/Player

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